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Add A Site
Add a site to Guitar Notes. You are welcome to add anything you please, so long as it is related to guitar. We do kindly ask that you add only ONE link to a given web site to allow room for others as well. Users who attempt to spam the index will have their links removed and be barred from further entries. Please do include a link to Guitar Notes on your own website as well! Thank you.

Please following the guidelines below for filling out each field of the submission form. In particular, please do not include marketing slogans or superlatives in your submissions. Failure to following these guidelines will result in your submission not being listed. Guitar Notes reserves the right to edit the entered site information.

In entering your site information, please keep the title brief. It is
often not necessary to include words like "Website" or "Homepage" in the
title; we all know it must be a website! Use the official business name
for the title of a commercial site. Use the name of the artist for the
title of an artist's site. Please do not use all capitalized letters in
the title or your site may not be listed.


Enter the word in the title by which you would like your link to be alphabetized.
For instance, if your title is "Eric Clapton", it would be best to enter
the word "Clapton" for your sort key. If your title is "Taylor Guitars",
it would be best to enter the word "Taylor" for your sort key. Note that
the sort key must be a word in the title you enter.

Alphabetical sort key:

URL (website address, for example

Email address of website owner or webmaster:

For the description, please write a brief, readable sentence no longer
than 100 characters. Longer entries will simply be deleted. Avoid
repeating the site title or category name in the description.
Please do not capitalize the first letter of every word in the description.

Description (Please limit to less than 100 characters):

Choose only ONE category for best describing your site. (If your site
absolutely requires more than one category to describe it, you may choose
choose up to two other categories as well):

Required category:

Optional category 1:

Optional category 2:

Additional Website Information:




If you selected international, please type in state or region/province below:

Zip or postal code:


Phone (Please include country code; for example, a US number would be 1-212-555-1212):


Password (Allows you to modify your posting at a later date):

Please type in your password again for verification:

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