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Artec Sound Electronics company acoustic pickups 82-31-963-7331   3.0 
L.R. Baggs acoustic pickups 1-805-929-3545   3.4 
Barcus Berry Pickups acoustic pickups Huntington Beac CA US   2.0 
DiMarzio Pickups electric pickups Staten Island NY US   3.6 
DMC Musical Products acoustic pickups 1-866-377-0527   2.0 
Donnell Enterprises acoustic pickups Napa CA US   2.0 
EMF Acoustics Oy Ltd. acoustic pickups 1-818-508-9412   3.2 
EMG Pickups acoustic pickups Santa Rosa CA US   3.5 
EPM Corporation acoustic pickups 1-519-633-5195   2.0 
Fishman Transducers acoustic pickups 1-978-988-9199   3.9 
Highlander Pickups acoustic pickups 1-805-547-1410   2.6 
K & K Sound Systems, Inc. acoustic pickups 1-800-867-6863   3.8 
Kent Armstrong Pickups electric pickups 1-800-449-9348   2.0 
Lace Sensor Pick-ups acoustic pickups Huntington Beac CA US   3.0 
Malagoli Eletronica Ltda. electric pickups 11-38720052   2.0 
Dean Markley Pickups acoustic pickups   3.1 
McIntyre Acoustic Instrument Pickup acoustic pickups 1-704-662-3022   3.0 
Pick-Up The World Acoustic Pickups acoustic pickups 1-800-375-2656   2.0 
RMC Pickup Co. acoustic pickups   2.0 
Schatten Design acoustic pickups Kitchener ONT CA   2.0 
Seymour Duncan Pickups acoustic pickups Santa Barbara CA US   3.6 
Shadow Pickups and Electronics acoustic pickups 1-561-745-0460   2.3 
Sky Pickups electric pickups Wonmi-Gu, Chu KR   2.0 
Sunrise Pickups acoustic pickups Van Nuys CA US   2.6 
Trance Audio Pickups acoustic pickups 1-831-469-4699   2.0 

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