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Pearly Gates (Passive Humbucker)  electric pickups  Jim  4.0
Norton Bridge Pickup (Passive humbu  electric pickups  Dan  4.0
DO-1 Daddy-O Overdrive  effects  Paul  4.0
Little '59 (Single coil-sized humbu  electric pickups  Brian D. Aldrich  4.0
AP-11 (Passive single coil)  electric pickups  Eric Daugherty  4.0
Gold Strat Lace Sensor (Passive sin  electric pickups  4.0
Evolution (Passive Humbucker)  electric pickups  Marc  4.0
SVR-1B Vintage Rails  electric pickups  Darren Ward  4.0
Red Strat Lace Sensor (Passive sing  electric pickups  Superstrat  4.0
DiMarzio Super Distortion  electric pickups  Edgar  4.0
Jackson PS4  electric guitars  Spyre  3.0
Yorkville Bloc 20G  electric amps  Jim  3.0
Dean Markley SC-1 Pro Mag  acoustic pickups  David Becker  3.0
SH 470 Triple Play Sound System  acoustic pickups  Mike Lynch  3.0
The Twelfth Fret  guitar & music stores  Timm Zemanek  3.0
Rivera M60-210  electric amps  Dave Patterson  3.0
Gibson Lab L5  electric amps  Don Wool  3.0
56 Vintage (Passive single coil)  electric pickups  Ian  3.0
Gold Strat Lace Sensor (Passive sin  electric pickups  Matthew Coulter  2.0
Musicians Friend  guitar & music stores  Patrick F. Coleman  2.0
S60N (Passive single coil)  electric pickups  James Vanden Berg  2.0
Fender Lace Sensor  electric pickups  N. Rudy  2.0
C22T (Passive humbucker)  electric pickups  Eric Daugherty  2.0
Daddy's Junky Music  guitar & music stores  Rob Mola  1.0
Freedom Guitar  guitar & music stores  Chip Stephens  1.0

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