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Humbucker From Hell (Passive humbuc  electric pickups  Justin  1.0
Norton Bridge Pickup (Passive humbu  electric pickups  Dan  4.0
EMG SEHG  electric pickups  majorage@hotmail  4.0
Acoustic Performer Pro  acoustic amps  gregory nylen  5.0
TrueTone M7  acoustic pickups  Dave  4.0
Antiquity Texas Hot Strat (Passive   electric pickups  Dave Charneski  4.0
Little '59 (Single coil-sized humbu  electric pickups  Brian D. Aldrich  4.0
Little '59 (Single coil-sized humbu  electric pickups  David MacKenzie  4.0
Pearly Gates (Passive Humbucker)  electric pickups  Jim  4.0
SJM-1N Vintage Jazzmaster Neck (Pas  electric pickups  Rob  4.0
SJM-3B Quarter Pounder Jazzmaster B  electric pickups  Rob  4.0
SVR-1B Vintage Rails  electric pickups  Darren Ward  4.0
Seymour Duncan APS-1 Alnico II Pro  electric pickups  Steve Kellett  4.0
Seymour Duncan APS-1 Alnico II Pro  electric pickups  Steve Kellett  4.0
Seymour Duncan Antiquity  electric pickups  Dave Patterson  4.0
BC Rich N.J. Mockingbird  electric guitars  APOCALYPSE  5.0
G And L ASAT Classic  electric guitars  Patrick McGinley  5.0
Jackson PS4  electric guitars  Spyre  3.0
Carvin Bolt  electric guitars  Dave D.  5.0
Fender Acoustasonic Junior  acoustic amps  Cypher  5.0
Fender Custom Vibrosonic  electric amps  steve whiteley  5.0
Fender Deluxe Reverb  electric amps  Waldo Pepper  4.0
Fender Stage 112SE  electric amps  Ben  4.0
Fender Twin  electric amps  GREG RODGERS  4.0
Hot Rod DeVille 2x12 Combo  electric amps  Jim Kosty  4.0

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