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AP-11 (Passive single coil)  electric pickups  Eric Daugherty  4.0
C22T (Passive humbucker)  electric pickups  Eric Daugherty  2.0
M22SD (Passive humbucker)  electric pickups  J.Ginnings  4.0
S60N (Passive single coil)  electric pickups  James Vanden Berg  2.0
Johnson Amplification Millenium  electric amps  Ryan Malenfant  5.0
Marshall JCM 800 2204  electric amps  Peter Gordon  5.0
Marshall JCM-800 2210  electric amps  Jeff  4.0
Marshall JCM-800 4104  electric amps  Chris Walker  4.0
Marshall JCM-800 4210  electric amps  Blase  5.0
Rivera M60-210  electric amps  Dave Patterson  3.0
Sovtek Mig 100H  electric amps  dave neale  5.0
SansAmp PSA-1 Preamp  effects  Hans J Pande  4.0
SansAmp PSA-1 Preamp  electric amps  Hans J Pande  4.0
Yorkville Bloc 20G  electric amps  Jim  3.0
DigiTech XP-100 Whammy/Wah  effects  MastaPimp  5.0
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone  effects  Matt  5.0
DSD-2 Digital Sampler Delay  effects  Steve Cooper  5.0
Dean Markley SC-1 Pro Mag  acoustic pickups  Alex Kroman  1.0
Dean Markley SC-1 Pro Mag  acoustic pickups  David Steele  1.0
Dean Markley SC-1 Pro Mag  acoustic pickups  David Becker  3.0
Dean Markley CD 60  electric amps  The Harshman  5.0
DiMarzio PAF Pro (Humbucker)  electric pickups  J.Ginnings  4.0
DiMarzio Super Distortion  electric pickups  mbell74478  4.0
DiMarzio Super Distortion  electric pickups  Edgar  4.0
Evolution (Passive Humbucker)  electric pickups  Marc  4.0

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