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Review for:Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff Pi
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Rating: 4.0
Comments:I play progressive/classic rock. It works for certain moods. I've been playing with effects for 10 years, since I started playing electric. I will always have a need for a pedal of this style, and if I lost or broke it, I'd probably locate another. It'sa pretty focused on what it does - essentially a lot of fuzz. So it's not terribly versatile. But what it does, it does well; that's the cool thing. The tone switch is pretty cool too. I like the big volume knob - if I need to adjust while playing, I can just reach over and adjust with a toe. :) You can compare this pedal to the Pro Co Rat pedal, and perhaps a Boss Metal Zone. I chose this pedal based simply on the fact that it's an EH pedal. Automatic magic factor!
Reviewer: Mark Szabo
Post Date:06/28/1999

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