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Review for: DeArmond Starfire Special
Purchase price of 599 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:ALmost 10 years. Mostly self-taught..probably why I suck. Actually I started on bass. I am more interested in jazz-like stuff now than i was ten years ago...I prefer open sounds, as opposed to power bar chords, tho i like those too. I've been getting into surf and country twang stuff lately, so this ws the right guitar at the right time for a decent price. I play thru a crappy "Viper" amp (they tried to copy a Fender even down to the logo on the silverface) i got used for 75 bucks like 5 years totally sucks. Would like to try the 40 Watt Fender 1 x 12 Hot Rod Deville or perhaps the Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. I have a DOD Thrashmaster that i use for distortion, also a Boss BE 5 i got used for FREE. Also an ART FXR rack unit..solid solid SOLID, with great reverbs and delays. This stuff is all budget stuff, as I dont know who has the money for the great stuff! Oh yeah, it's the record companies who have it , thats right. Long live independent music. If this guitar was stolen, I would curse up and down the street but hey...they're relatively new so I could get another one after saving for a while. I think I would be forced to upgrade to the Guild Starfire III for the lower action and Real Bigsby tho. Damn thieves. You CAN play better on a better guitar I believe. But 650 bucks better? I dont know.
I wish this guitar had: solid metal..even solid plastic! knobs. Nothing chipping off the pickups base. Finally a bit lower action. I also wish I had caught that note problem i described way back in the store!!! Damn, im writing a book. Wanna talk gear and guitars and music? Email me Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Jay C
Post Date:07/31/1999

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