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Review for: DeArmond M-65
Purchase price of 169.99 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've been playing for six years, ever since I was fourteen. I've played in two bands. I own a fender precision bass, a Fenter Strat, a Fender 600 Acoustic, soon to own a Les Paul Standaed, an Ampeg B2 Bass Stack, a Fender PA system, and some other various musical items. If it was lost I probably wouldn't get it again since I will be getting a Les Paul, otherwise definatly. It has a Les Paul feel and look along with a warm tone. No, it's not even close to a real Les Paul but for the price I paid I haven't seen a better deal for a guitar. As far as price range goes it compares to the Epiphone Les Paul Special 1 or 2 but it sounds incredibly better. I got the guiar to mess around with. I thought "I'll get a cheap guitar and string it weird, treat it like shit, and just experiment". Well, I haven't done that because it sounds to good to just fool around with and I would feel guilty not getting the full benefit of it.I am incredibly impressed with this guitar when compared to value. 170 bucks is not very much to pay for a guitar like this. My hat is off to Fender and DeArmond for producing this guitar so cheaply. Others that are comparable are the M-55(only one humbucker) and M-65c(a souped up version). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Brandon Fleener
Post Date:04/23/1999

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