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Review for: DeArmond Jetstar Special
Purchase price of 169 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing since the 70's and in bands since the early 80's, basically non-commercial fun cover bands to begin and now bands that do all originals pretty much exclusively. I have a bunch of other guitars, a Fender California Fat Tele, an old Japanese Squier '53 Reissue Tele, an original early-60's Fender Duo-Sonic (American, not the reissue Mexican ones they started up a few years back), a crappy Korean Squier Stratocaster, an old Japanese Squier P-bass, and a '72 Ovation Breadwinner (solidbody electric). The thing I like most about the guitar is the distinctive shape. In gloss black it really looks great, I've had many many people already come up to me and comment how cool it looks. The worst thing is the tuners, I may eventually replace them, though they're passable for now. If it were lost or stolen I would definitely get another one, they are cheap, play OK, and look great. Basically a good looking decent cheap guitar. The guy who said his was a "piece of #%!*" got a lemon (and paid too much as well!). I considered getting a Danelectro instead, but I didn't have a double-humbucker guitar, and the Danos are all single-coil, plus more expensive (except for the one pickup models). A good guitar to expand your arsenal, but probably you should spend more and get the more expensive Jet Star if you want this body style for your main axe. PS, if you want to see some photos of the guitar in action, I have some on my bandpage, in the photos section: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Brian Krashpad
Post Date:09/22/1999

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