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Review for: Marshall JCM-800 4210
Purchase price of 390 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I started playing guitar almost thirty years ago, but gave it up until last year when I saw this amp and was inspired. I cut my teeth on a black face Princeton reverb [that I bought with a Gibson guitar for $100 - well, it was 1971!] I'm sure some of you will gasp, but I prefer the Marshall to the Fender. Maybe because it is a new sound for me. I would recommend this amp to anyone who is seeking the "Marshall sound" in a small package. I know several people who have had JCM800 amps with the same reverb and channel switching problems, so check that out before you buy. The main reason I wrote this review was to let people know what some of the common problems were, and how much it costs to fix them. I didn't feel to bad about spending $150 to repair and retube this amp, because I bought it a a good price to begin with. With a total of $540 invested, I think it was a bargain. A new 20 watt JCM2000 1X12 with EL84s costs more. Which one would you rather own?
Reviewer: Blase
Post Date:07/14/1999

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