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Review for: Danelectro DE-1 Dan-Echo
Purchase price of 75.00 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I am new to the effects game. For over 20 years the only thing between my Les Paul and Marshall JMP half stack was a MXR distortion . I'm becoming a pedal junkie! I use this pedal with Les Pauls equipped with humbuckers and P90's thru 50W Marshall JMP half stack and a Peavey Classic 50. I also own a Tele. I have all the Dano pedals and have configured them many different ways with great sucess. I've read where some have had problems, if its not in an effects loop, their amp will not overdrive. I have not had this problem. Nothing has ever been able to stop me from overdriving that Marshall including any of these pedals. I just go to 11 if I have to!
Reviewer: Bryan
Post Date:03/26/1999

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