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Review for: Danelectro DE-1 Dan-Echo
Purchase price of CAD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:One thing I must say is that I hate to read reviews with all "10's" for Ease of Use & Sound Quality. I think most of those 10's are rated after the ' I bought a new pedal and I'm all excited' symptom. But for the Dan-Echo, I must put 10 for these 2 categories because it deserves a 5. For the Overall Rating I'll give it a 4. The knobs are a little difficult to reach and to turn. For my musical style, I play Blues and it's prefect for it (tape echo sound). I don't think I would be able to achieve that sound (tape echo) from a Boss or Zoom. I use the delay just for fun, but not really in my repertoire of blues songs, but I will use the tape echo effect for that. If it was stolen, I know who it would be (Big Al !). I love everything about it : the sound of course, it's studio quiet, it's built to last forever, its color, its cool '57 Chevy design. I've heard the sound of a Boss digital delay and the sound was too tinny . This Dan-echo keeps the FAT sound of my Strat & Blues Junior combinaison. However, I didn't try it side by side with another delay product. It will help me practice more. Long life to Dan-Echo !
Reviewer: Stephane S
Post Date:05/25/1999

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