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Review for: Chandler Metro
Purchase price of 800 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I walked into the store and started playing slide on a new Peavey with P-90's (SUCKED) and saw this on the wall. The guy behind the counter said I should try it. I took it down and plugged it into a Peavey Classic 30(Killer Amp!) Could not get a bad sound or tone out of it!I tried for two hours, It was like it was made for me. It compliments my style of play very well and has made me a better player. I had never seen or heard one before and found 0ut later that Joe Perry of Aerosmith uses one quite a bit. Now I asked the guy "How Much?" he said 2200$ and I started to hand it back with a broken heart, He said,You are the first person in two years to play that. I have never played it myself and have dinged it up moving it around. I want it gone, tired of looking at it. Give me a hundred over cost and it's your's. 800.00$ I threw a Credit card at him and knew I would have to beg forgivness from the wife later (she was'nt even pissed) and ran out of the store. If it were lost or stolen I could'nt afford to replace it, which would break my heart. I will probably add a Hipshot Triolgy bridge to it later so I can get many more tunings at my fingertips, other than that this is one hell of a guitar! i think I found the "ONE"!!!!!! Chandler company, If you guys read these, contact me! I want to be an endorser!!!!!! Sarge 8-{~ Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Sarge
Post Date:07/29/1998

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