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Review for: Chandler Tube Driver
Purchase price of 125 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I play lots of musical styles, but mostly pop with emphasis on clean tones and warm overdrive on occasion. This is a great pedal for my sound. I would definitely try to hunt another one down if this were stolen or lost. I love the tube inside, I love the range of sounds I can get, I love the two-band EQ, and I love how rugged and big the pedal is. I wish it didn't get so weird on high gain settings (anything past 10 o'clock on the gain control is only good for solos) but I never really need it that high anyway. I have gone through two OD pedals before this--the Sansamp Tri-OD and the Voodoo Labs Overdrive. Each one marked an increase in quality, but the Tube Driver beat both soundly and sent them to bed. THis one is warmer and has more range from the really clean to the really gain-y, more tone control, and a better tone overall. Plus, it has lights, which the Voodoo Labs did not (the Voodoo Labs also had no EQ control whatsoever). I kinda wish it had two channels so you could set rhythm and lead settings. It's definitely a musical pedal and very inspiring. I play it with Boss pedals--an EQ pedal, a digital delay, and a tremolo/pan pedal. This is a great pedal for those who don't want to sound like they just turned on a vacuum cleaner when they want overdrive--it sings. I hear Eric Johnson played one. Good for him. Can he petition to have it reissued? These are great values because you'll probably find one used. Mine was $125 and I traded in an old pedal and just gave 'em twenty more bucks. It was totally worth it. Play one and you'll see.
Reviewer: Xavier
Post Date:10/20/1998

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