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Review for: AX2 Editor Version 1.3
Purchase price of 29.95 USD in 09/1999
Rating: 5.0
Comments:The Line6 AX2 amp has great tones, but is a bear to program through it's simple 2 digit LED display. You can load programs from the amp into the editor and use clearly dedicated control windows to make your changes. You can then save the program to any of the amps 128 user memory locations, or to your computer. I've been able to refine all of my existing patches. All changes are made as you move the controls. What a great tool. When my amp is in the studio, it's always hooked up to the computer and editor. You can select your programs from the computer remotely and never have to touch the amp.
Reviewer: Ed Larson
Post Date:10/16/1999

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