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Review for: Intellitouch tuner
Made in 1998
Purchase price of 50 USD in 12/1998
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been using this tuner for 6 months and it is very useful. First of all, it can evaluate the tuning of anything that vibrates, which includes all musical instruments except electronic keyboards. I even held it against my neck and sang a note, and it notified me that I was slightly flat! An excellent tool, and the fact that the display screen is back-lit in red means that you can read it even in dark places, e.g. gigs. It's extremely light-weight. The only danger, I would say, is that it sometimes takes some doing to get it to clamp somewhere on your instrument. For guitars, the headpiece in between the tuning pegs is your best bet.
Reviewer: Scott Fruhan
Post Date:06/14/1999

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