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Review for:Dingwall Voodoo Bass Zebra Z2 5-string
Made in 2000
Purchase price of 3595.00 CAD in 06/2000
Rating: 5.0
Comments:Beautiful looking and sounding. Handbuilt in Canada by Sheldon Dingwall in Saskatoon. Extremely figured quilted maple top with triple purpleburst finish, Pau ferro fingerboard and headstock overlay. Novax fanned-frets make it look and play very unique. Great bottom end with 37" B-string (best B I've ever heard), but higher strings still bright as the G-string is 34". Top notch elctronics, Bartolini humbuckers and Bartolini 18v active preamp with Bass/mid/treb knobs, midrange freq selector switch, volume with push-pull active/passive mode and 4 position pickup selector (parallel, series, neck, bridge). Hipshot tuners with D-tuner on B. Battery compartment easily accessible with magnetic compartment cover (that actually works great). Not only the most beautiful bass I've ever seen, but also the best sounding. The first bass I've ever owned that I didn't find faults in. If your looking for a high quality 5 or 6 string this is definitely one worth trying, and well worth the money.
Reviewer: Geoff St.Germaine
Post Date:12/23/2000

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