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Review for: Guitar Den & Emporium
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Have not bought anything there yet, but sales staff is "Mom and Pop" type and selection is very interesting, with a good smattering of new, used, and vintage guitars, amps, and effects. It's a small store and is set far back from a main street in what looks like a house (I drove by it 4 times before I spotted a yellow door with black letters that says "Guitars" behind a parked van). Not a lot of breathing room to try out instruments but staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and the prices are very fair, comparable to any I've seen on the internet and even better than some private party sellers in classified ads. They also have a cool room with an excellent selection of affordable vintage archtops, excellent player guitars as well as potential investment grade guitars. The only complaint I have is that the store doesn't turn things very quickly, so you need to space your visits out a couple of months apart if you don't want to see the same ol' same ol'. But all in all, probably the neatest store I've been in since I moved to FL a year ago.
Reviewer: Rob Mola
Post Date:04/15/1999

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