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electric pickups
Review for:Danny Gatton Tele Bridge (Passive dual-blade humbucker)
Purchase price of 130 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:This pickup maintains the genuine Tele bridge sound, but without the noise!
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: This pickup is not suitable for heavy distortion.
I really like this pickup, but I am lowering it to a 4 because I findinstallation to be difficult. The wires are a pretty thin guage, and theinsulation is tough to get off. All the wires are then bundled togetherin heavy insulation with a tough foil. It is also hard to unravel. I thinkthat I would like to see more wire, and less insulation! I think thatthe thinness of the wire does lead to a reduction in reliability. Oncethe pickup is installed, it has that classic Tele twang to it, but without the noise! Overall, I am very happy with it and do not plan tochange to a different pickup.
Reviewer: Richard S. Sawdon
Post Date:11/12/1997

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