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electric amps
Review for: Marshall JCM 800 2204
Purchase price of Australian $400 used
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I have been playing since I was 9, and that was thirty years ago! I have played professionally for 6 of those years, and I have had regular gigs for the rest of that time. (21 years at about 2-3 gigs per week for 40 weeks of the year) Other gear includes Digital home recording gear, on old Seymore Duncan 100w Convertible (if it's good enough for Jeff Beck...etc) and a few guitars and samplers. I've always played in 3-4 piece bands where I play lead guitar, and lead vocals. Yes... I would buy another one if required... this old JCM800 is just to honest and sounds to good for such a little price... if you were buying a "designer" amp, you would pay twice as much for the same outcome. I don't hate anything about it... as I said... it's simple, solid and sounds GREAT! If you are looking for an amp that cranks... get one!
Reviewer: Peter Gordon
Post Date:11/12/1997

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