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Review for: Washburn XB-100 Bantam Bass
Purchase price of 250 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing both guitar and bass since 1990-91, and this was my fourth bass. I bought it as a backup, but traded it in when I took over lead guitar in my band. (A word of advice: Guitar Center only gave me $60 trade-in on this even though it was hardly used and had no wear and tear. Your better off to keep it or sell it.) If you're into late-`90s "extreme hardcore", grunge or any style that requires a fat low end, this is a good starting point. I still have a fretless Samick for recording, and it's better for fast picking, but the Washburn was a solid performer. It just wasn't my style. If you're looking for something better than a Squier or Epiphone cookie-cutter, try the Bantam. It doesn't have a lot of distinguished features, but it won't let you down. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Ryan M.
Post Date: 1999027

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