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Review for: Washburn B-4 Bass
Purchase price of 300 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I am principally a guitar player. I bought the bass on a whim in 1983. I did not really learn to play it until 1887. I played it for a year and then put it up for about 10 years. I pulled it out again in 1998, when we needed a bass for a gospel song in church. I got a lot of praise for my playing and that has motivated me to play more. After a year of almost daily practice, I am now able to thump and fingerpick like some of the pros. It is time for me to upgrade to a pro bass. I wish I had noticed the flaw in the G-string (mentioned above) before I bought it. I suppose that I could get this fixed, but I don't want to put any money into it at this point. If it were stolen, I would not lose too much sleep, although I would have to add a coil spiting modification to the replacement, which is a pain. This is my favorite feature, but it is not stock and it is useless through a cheap amp (not enough bass through the single coil option in some amps, but with my Fender with 15 in. speaker it is very clear with a lot of bottom). The sound is excellent for a beginner bass and it has great sustain. I probably paid too much for it, especially since the OHS case is such trash, but I think it is of higher quality than most beginner basses on the market. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Mark Hill
Post Date:07/15/1999

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