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acoustic guitars
Review for: Taylor 714-CE
Purchase price of Singapore dollars 3800/-
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Played classical guitar and strummed for about 20 years. Owned a Morris classical, a Yamaha acoustic and an Ibanez 12 string.If it were stolen, I might buy it again, or I may choose the 9 series, a 912 or 914. I may also consider an Olson or Collings.I love the responsiveness, the beautiful finish, the easy playability. I initially bought a 412 CE, but found that it did not have enough bass because of the smaller dimensions. It did have a good cut-through treble and mids though.I bought this over some lower range Martins (to be fair, the other store didn't carry higher models), Ovations, and the Taylor 814, 810 and 710, and the Koa K22. It has the most beautiful sound. Maybe it will sound "dark" to others, but I've always preferred a warm sound to bright, even with hi-fi where I go for the valves rather than transistors. Perhaps it's something to do with women being able to hear the higher registers better! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Mary
Post Date: 1999098

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