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acoustic guitars
Review for: Taylor 310-CE
Purchase price of 1039 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I started playing when I as 13 and quit playing at 25. I used to be pretty good at electric guitar but was never good at acoustic. When I turned 31, I decided I wanted to play again, but this time, on acoustic since I discovered Doyle Dykes (who could give lessons to Eddie Van Halen on right hand harmonics), Adrian Legg, Andy York and many others. Six years off has really hurt me. Really didn't know much about acoustics but trying a whole bunch in $800-$1000 price range (my price range), this was the best guitar for me. It has a cutaway, electronics, great playability and it sounds great. It sounds better to me every day I play it. Now that I've been playing for 3 months again, I know much more about acoustics and I would still buy this same model again if it were stolen. In maybe a couple of years from now, when I my finger picking was reached the level where I can whip out a Doyle Dykes tune, I may trade this in and get a Grand Auditorium size guitar since the fretboard is slightly wider. But right now this is the perfect guitar for me. I also bought a Baby Taylor so I have something to play with at work or take with me on impromptu jam sessions. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Gordon Lau
Post Date:09/25/1998

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