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Review for: Baby Taylor
Purchase price of 240.00 USD
Rating: 2.0
Comments:I have already traded this one in on a Larrivee Parlor (read my review of that model and you'll understand why). Before the Larrivee Parlor came out, this was a good choice for a travel guitar, because it blows away the backpacker in terms of playability and tone. However, it just falls far short of the Parlor in both of those areas, plus the Parlor has a lifetime warranty, is all solid wood and has a much more comfortable neck. I love the Baby Taylor's gig bag way more than the Larrivee Parlor's bag, but of course that doesn't make me want the Baby Taylor. If you're considering this guitar, I highly recommend you check out the Larrivee Parlor first. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Brian Graham
Post Date:11/20/1999

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