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electric amps
Review for: Carvin Legacy Head
Purchase price of Singapore dollars 3600
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Its a great amp with an affordable price tag. I have been playing for a measly 8 years (going on 9) and have tried out many amps in my short time. This one really stands out. I compared it with a 5150 combo and a head and while the Peavey is a nice amp, I prefered the Legacy for its more defined channels. The 5150 sounded too aggresive and the clean channel was awful. Personal preference perhaps. Should this amp be stolen, I would have a real hard time replacing but should I be able to afford it, I would. Its a beauty. I love the versatility and the sustain that I get in the lead channel is yummy.
Reviewer: Reuben Luke
Post Date:09/14/1999

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