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electric amps
Review for: Marshall 1987 Head
Purchase price of 450 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:There is nothing like the sound. Sad to say a lot of people are buying the originals and the reissues only to find that thier sound is based on thier effects and not the amp. If you are using a tube pre amp, it doesn't matter what tube amp you use. I bought mine years ago used and am very happy with it. Unless you are a collecto or a rock star and play lage stadiums, do yourself a favor, don't buy a 100 watt plexi (1959). I have seen countless people here who are selling both originals and reissues because they are too much for them. ANY club will kick you out if you try to use one of the 1959's up all the way. Thats 170 watss of rageing power. British ratings are conservative, i.e. the standard rating on a 100 watt plexi (1959) is before distortion. The 1987 is the 50 watt brother to the 1959 plexi. Both are the same. I have 6550's in mine which I prefer over EL34's.
Reviewer: Jiame
Post Date:06/03/1998

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