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electric amps
Review for: Peavey KB 100
Purchase price of 378 USD
Rating: 5.0
Features: Actually, for accuracy's sake, I have a KB/A 100, but that doesn't matter. I got it in December 1997. It has 3 separate clean channels (Mic, Acoustic, Keyboard). The Acoustic and Keyboard channels have a 12 dB Gain boost switch. There's an effect loop, headphone jack and footswitch inputs. Also, a built in compressor. 4 band EQ, reverb, "insert" input too! I use this amp for just about everything. It's great for keyboards, guitar, or even electronic drum brains. It's got a lot of power. I mean, it seems to be a demure 86 watts, but believe me, it sounds like a fucking 300! I think the Peavey people did a zillion tests and put the lowest wattage they could get. It's just a solid state amp, but if you tweak the EQ just right you can make it sound like a tube. One amazing amp!
I have a 1971 Univox Hi-Flier with 2 P-90 pickups that I raised so that they just about touch the strings. To go along with that I have 3 effects: Danelectro distortion, Boss flange, and Ibanez chorus. The three pedals and the guitar and amp are one killer setup. I play alt-rock, and the amp is perfect! It is never noisy. Just once in a while, with high reverb levels, it feeds back, but that's not a huge problem. The clean channel is never, ever distorted. Just really really loud! Although the channels are marked with the instrument you're supposed to use with them, it doesn't make any difference in the sound. What a great sounding amp!
Reliability: It's never been broken. Just bounced around. It's incredibly tough. I have gigged with it at full power and it never ever faltered once!
Customer Support: N/A Probably a one year warranty. It doesn't matter; this amp will never die!
Reviewer: David Shaffer
Post Date:04/01/1999

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