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Review for: Peavey Bandit 112S
Purchase price of 420.00 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've been playing for twelve years. I must suffer from Gear aquistion Syndrome from the looks of my bedroom. I had my last bandit stolen along with my furniture. Thankyou mom for reminding to pay my renters insurance premium. Next time, I promise to listen!!!! I have a complaint,the bandit is heavey. That thing weighs about 50 lbs., I only weigh about 150 on a rainy day so I'm gonna have to quit smoking so much! I choose the bandit after trying out a dozen amps at least. Fender has a nice clean channel but your distortion,well its embarrassing,thats putting it nicely. Crate is pretty good, alot of useless buzzing noises though,not versitile enough sound wise. Marshall solid states just dont compare to their tube amps which are nice but expensive,solid states dont have enough bottom end. Back to Fender, Good god, please go back and work on your solid state distortion, please your an American company for gosh sakes!!! Please if your out there looking for a combo amp please dont buy what you think is cool or buy it because some other musician plays it, you'll only suffer in the long run. Go to the store,use a guitar similar to yours and play through it. If they wont let you test it there, dont buy it! Dont be embarressed, crank it up a bit, see if you like it's sound. Good luck,play what you want and be true to yourself.
Reviewer: Ken Epperson
Post Date:09/14/1999

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