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Review for: Martin D-15
Made in 1999
Purchase price of 570 USD in 05/1999
Rating: 5.0
Comments:This is the guitar for a beginner to start with because the action is low, including on the all important first fret where a lot of beginners lose their finger tips (and their patience) because the poorly designed and constructed necks on cheap guitars make those strings mighty stiff. This Martin will help you play guitar; it won't get in your way. The sound is excellent on this all mahogany, solid wood guitar. Play a blues lick or a little bluegrass on this guitar, and you will see what I mean. Even players in the intermediate range and above might find that this guitar has a sound that can be used in a variety of places. This guitar may look plain in catalogs, but in person it has a Shaker-like beauty, pure and clean and definitely functional. And the price can't be beat for all this quality. I plan to keep my D-15 for quite a while.
Reviewer: Howard Bateman, Jr.
Post Date:07/12/1999

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