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Review for: Martin D-1
Purchase price of 500.00 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've only been playing for about 1 year, but i spent many days in guitar shops strumming Guild's, Epiphone's, Takamine's, Gibson's and Taylors. Bottom line, this puppy had a real warm sound that made you feel like you were playing in a band. The tones are phenomenal! I also own a Sigma (a d-3, with martin's name, but its made in korea and it blows.) and a Yamaha FG-110 which, while 20 years old, still sounds good and was recently signed by Jorma Kaukonen! Bottom line, this Martin is worth every penny and more! I have seen these on sale on the Internet for as low as $649.00 and would have been thrilled even if i had paid that! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Jammin' Jeff
Post Date:09/19/1999

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