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Review for: DC-1
Made in 1998
Purchase price of 900 USD in 07/1998
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I use this DC-1 as a stage guitar for a lot of flatpicking and folk work. It is the cutaway version of the D-1. I am giving it this high rating in light of the cost of the guitar - it is simply outstanding for the money. Loud, crisp and balanced, it has been serving me very well. I use it both mic'ed and with a Highlander pickup. No, it is not a high-end Martin. I don't expect it to be. But for an acoustic under $1K, it simply has no peer that I have played overall. I use an HD-28 for recording, and that is a superior instrument. But then, it cost around $2K. Finish and trim are spartan, as they should be. Interior work is clean and tight. The neck is comfortable, intontation near perfect. I had some setup work done to accomodate my style, which is par for every guitar I have ever had. I recommend this guitar strongly for those on a budget or who wish to have a great sounding guitar in higher risk situations (stages, road trips, etc.)
Reviewer: Brad Price
Post Date:07/08/1999

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