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Review for: Seagull S6 Cedar Acoustic
Purchase price of 250 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:Buy this Guitar! You will not find a better guitar for the price. They are harder to find at a discount but it they are a great value even at full price. Budget $25-50 (or bargain)to have the saddle lowered and neck adjusted and you will just smile every time you play. This is why I did this review - do not pass up this guitar due to the action - buy it and have it adjusted!. I am a bedroom strummer that has goofed with the guitar for over 30 years. I own an Epiphone S-310 electric that I use to make noise with. I have eclectic tastes on the mellow side - Subdudes, NRBQ, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dave Mason, Lyle, R.e.m., Blues etc. I am probably typical to the majority of players that make up the buying market. One difference is I did manage stereo stores for many years and feel I can claim to have a good ear for sound and music (though little god given talent or discipline!). I certainly know what I like! My last guitar was a beautiful looking catalog store Korean made piece of crap that I owned for 16 years. It had a three piece back with blonde on mahogany plywood garbage and inlay galore and all the right holes and high gloss looks. It was like most guitars out there - A honey dipped piece of particle board, designed by a corporate marketing/bean-counter team, built by a slave and sounded like @#%@! The Seagull is every thing but that. It is a little strange looking but is a finely crafted instrument built and designed by people who care. If my Seagull was stolen I would curse humanity for stealing a piece of my sole then buy another one as soon as I could find one. I might look at the solid back model if insurance covered some of the loss. Fix the action La Si Do. Its a superior product and they should be proud cuz Im proud to own it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Scott Douglas
Post Date:11/04/1998

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