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Review for: Marshall PB-1 Power Brake
Purchase price of UK# 99
Rating: 4.0
Comments:This is simple piece of kit. A dealer in Birmingham is knowcking them out at #99 - this one is a white limited edition end of line model. I suppose it would be nice if it had either a speaker emulator or a DI output. That way it would cover another base. For me, it is an ideal way of making a vintage or vintage-style (like mine) non master volume amp that bit more versatile. I use it with both a Fender Strat (Texas Specials)and a modern Rickenbacker 360/12. Sounds are rock, country and blues. However, it is a simple idea but if your amp sounds crap, this will make it sound crap more quietly. I can't see any point in using it with a solid-state amp, either.
Reviewer: steve whiteley
Post Date:12/21/1998

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