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Review for: Ibanez GIO
Purchase price of N/
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I also own a Fender Duo-Sonic. The Ibanez is okay. If this guitar was stolen I wouldn't buy another because a lot of the price is in all the accessories. If this axe was sold by itself I might buy one. The Humbucker Pickup is the best pickup I've heard in a "starter Pack" and it is is a welcome addition to the price range. The main competition is Squier's "Strat Pak" which is not quite as good. But the Squier comes with a better amp, so the desicion is a toss-up. I give it a "4" in comparison to other starter paks and the Ibanez is the best. It blows the doors off the Hamer "Slammer" and the Crate Electra. This is a great starter guitar.
Reviewer: James
Post Date:10/27/1999

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