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electric amps
Review for: Tone Blaster 25 Reverb
Purchase price of 157.00`
Rating: 3.0
Comments:Ive been playing 20 yrs i would by it again. I love the tone of this little rock monster. I compared it to a baby crate with digital delay,chorus e.t.c only the delay sounded cool but the ibanez had the tone and twice the wattage fore 10 bucks more, the fender 110 reverb was better sounding but not 50 bucks worth. almost forgot has a foot swicht jack that my old peavys works in and i wish it had a speaker out but i'll ad that myself so i can play it though my home made half stack with carvin vintage leads and peavy sheffs.Also i think the laney 25 watter and the ibanez tone blaster are pretty much the same amps both made by ibanez might want to chack out the laney review
Reviewer: bryan
Post Date:04/28/1999

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