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Review for: Ibanez ATK300
Purchase price of 275 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I'm not really what you call a professional bassist. I started out 14 years ago on piano, then took up drums 6 years ago. I started getting into electronics in 8th grade and bought my first guitar, then my second and started a repair company. I guess now my prime instrument is drums, followed by piano/synth/orgen, then guitar and bass. I bought the ATK sort of spuratically as i walked into Luchetti music. My friend lily and I noticed the ATK hanging there and I had to do a double take when i noticed the price had dropped like this- $750-$699-$570-$420-$275. I bought it right there. I really couldn't ask for a better bass. I play (try to play) jazz, reggae, funk, rock, everything on it, and it's so damn versatile! Right now i own a Danelectro 59-dc, a strat, a Fender acoustic, and the ATK, not to mention the instruments i borrow, and the old ones i fix up (and all the pianos, amps, drums, etc). I've played on everything from a Conklin, Spector, Tobias, Mike Lull, Zon, Modulus, etc. to your basic Soundgear, Jazz Bass, and Washburn. This ATK beats them all for the price, sound, craftsmenship, features, and strength. I'd compare it to the basic SR400 Soundgear, the Fender Mexican Active Jazz, the Yamaha Active (even though i DESPISE yamaha "ooh, our basses are as good as our lawnmowers! Buy a jetski and a microwave and get a free Pacifica 12 string!")etc. I'd buy it again, for much more than the 275 dollars i payed. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: swingdevil
Post Date:06/28/1999

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