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Review for: EDB500 Ergodyne Bass
Purchase price of 300 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:For the price I had budgeted, I can't imagine being able to find another bass to replace this one. I searched the internet want ads, guitar stores, etc. for months and tried out 20 or 30 guitars before I found this one. I am more pleased with this guitar than with others I tried (new and used) costing a couple of hundred more. If I could have found a used EDB600 for a little more, I probably would have gone that route. It has a better bridge and a 3-band EQ with black hardware, but I couldn't justify a new one at hundreds more for these small improvements. I will own this guitar for many many years to come. It now has a permanent place beside my '72 Les Paul Professional and '97 Lone Star Strat. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Bushido
Post Date:11/03/1998

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