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Review for: Hohner ST59
Purchase price of 260 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing seriously for 22 years or so. It is my only electric. I have just ordered a Peavey Classic 50 410 amp. I use the Boss compressor, Boss chorus, occasionally use a Boss Turbo overdrive. I've been quite satisfied with this guitar. It played and sounded better than most Mexi Strats and ALL other comparably priced stuff I tried. It's just one of those that was "made right." If it were lost or stolen, I'd certainly replace it with another strat-style guitar. That's what I'm used to playing and the sound fits the styles of music I play quite well. I love the finish of this guitar. It just looks really nice. And the 5-way switch. I might put Lindy Fralins in this baby...then I'd really be upset if it were stolen. There isn't really anything I hate about it, but I will replace the string saddles. Those are cheaply made and pop a string once in a while. I decided to buy this guitar because, first of all, it looks good. That got my attention. Then I played it for about 15 minutes before I plugged it in. The sales guy kept asking if I wanted to plug it in..."not yet" I'd say. It has good acoustic presence, which is important for a Strat. That's how I could tell the body was solid wood and not laminated. The only thing I wish it had was a mod so that I could use all 7 pickup combinations. And a "d-tuner" thing on the HIGH E string. That's how I play slide...tune the E to D and then play basically in open G (on the last 4 strings). I bought the best guitar I could find for under $300. No regrets at all. I'm not brand conscious like I used to be (gotta have "real" Fender or Gibson, or whatever). I've had plenty of real Fenders and this one plays, sounds and acts as good as any of the real ones I've had...for about a quarter of the price. Giving it a very solid 9. Would have been a 5 except for the string saddles and maybe the stock pickups...but even Mexi strat stock pickups leave something to be desired. There was an earlier post by someone who wasn't very happy with his ST-59. With mass produced guitars, you gotta play a bunch of them and find the one that feels right, sounds right and looks right. I must have played 50 guitars before settling on this one. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Garth Osborn
Post Date:03/28/1999

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