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Review for: Hohner L-90 Goldtop
Purchase price of 300 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I bought this guitar over the internet, which is a little scary. I couldn't be happier! I'm gonna keep this guitar, though I usually sell or trade within a month or so. I really like this one. Once I get the selector switch swapped out, I'm going to have one awesome axe. I may eventually change the p'ups to Seymour Duncan 90s, not because I'm dissatified with these, but just to tinker a little (and to spend money). I'd be really bummed if it were stolen. Has a cool vibe. There's really nothing I dislike about this axe, maybe the p'ups are a little noisy. This is a really nice axe, I'm blown away.
Reviewer: ERIC
Post Date:12/06/1999

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