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Review for:American Standard Strat Pickups (Passive single coils)
Purchase price of USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I don't use effects with my setup. My amp is a Silverface Deluxe Reverb by Fender. I really like the sound and tone of American Standard Strat P/Us. My fave is the neck position. Quite often I'll play the neck only or the neck and middle combination. I never use bridge P/Us in any Strat because to I just don't care for bridge P/Us. Many people change the P/Us in their American Standard Strats but to me these sound good. I like to play clean and if you want clean crisp classic Strat then the American Standard P/Us are for you. I think people overlook the tonal qualities of these P/Us because people's perception usually is that stock P/us usually suck but in this case they do not suck. They are not week they are not wimpy, they have high output. I can play surf or rock or blues on these. If you own a Mexican or Japanese made Standard Strat or a Squier and like the tone of the American Standard Strat, buy these P/Us they are nice. The clean tones are there and even though these are trebly they sound very full and very warm. Use these P/Us with a fine tube amp and you can be in surf, rock, or blues heaven. You really can. I've tried other P/Us and found these are the perfect balance of high output but still retaining that classic Strat tone. Very graceful sounding P/Us. Texas Specials are to hot and don't have that classic clean crispt Strat tone. Lace Sensors are fine especially the Golds but they lack that roundness that the American Standard Strat P/Us offer. Don't overlook these because they are "stock" P/Us. Fender didn't make these sound this way for nothing ya know. They made them with this tone because it is the tone that Strats are known for.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: I like to play as noted above, Rock, Pop Rock, Surf. The neck and middle really do the job well. Along with my Fender Deluxe Reverb amp, these P/Us do the right job. You can get The Pretenders, The Smiths, The Ventures, The Shadows, The Cars and more with these P/Us. The Neck and Middle alone or in combo will do the trick. I never use bridge P/Us even in combo with the middle. I could just take out the bridge and sell it if I needed money and I would do fine without it.
Yes, I had another Strat that didn't come with these, such as a Mexican or Japanese Strat or a copy I'd buy a set of American Standards, well actually the neck and middle then install them for that classic Strat tone. Wouldn't replace the bridge because to me the bridge P/U is not needed since I don't use it. I give it a9 because even though I love these P/Us, I don't think anything deserves a 5. Just my way of thinking.
Reviewer: James Bond - O
Post Date:12/18/1997

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