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Review for: Squier Stratocaster Bullet Series
Purchase price of Australian Dollars 500 used
Rating: 3.0
Comments:This is my first guitar, I have been playing it for 12 months. I paid way too much money for it - I should have asked if I was being ripped-off!The best feature of this guitar is the solid construction and hard-tail bridge. The worst feature is the noisy weak pickups. I have now purchased a new Ibanez electric guitar and a new Maton acoustic guitar. These are a great step-up from the Squire. I will keep the Squire - I have fitted it with a Roland GK-2A MIDI pickup to allow me to expremiment with MIDI guitar. The faults of this guitar do not harm the MIDI performance, as far as I can tell so far. This is a good guitar for a beginner but you will outgrow the standard setup in a year. Find a cheap one in good condition and replace the pickups after 6-12 months of playing. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Post Date:01/23/1999

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