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Review for: Fender Duo Sonic
Purchase price of 150 USD
Rating: 3.0
Comments:I've been playing for about a year and I don't own anything else. I plan to buy a Powerhouse Strat soon. If it were stolen I'd go ahead and get the PowerHouse now and laugh when the thief realizes it isn't very good and not very valuable. This guitar has no outstanding features except for it's versatality. The worst thing about it is the noisy-as-sin pickups, everything else is about average. This was all my friend (teacher) had for me to buy but looking back i think it was good choice anyway. The main shortcoming is the pickups, I wish it had strat pickups of a humbucker. If you have this guitar and wish to upgrade it buy some Seymour Duncan Pickups. Overall the Duo-Sonic is a good buy used, but If you're looking into a new axe, shell out the extra moolah for a standard strat instead.
Reviewer: James
Post Date:10/05/1999

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