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Review for: Deluxe Nashville Telecaster
Purchase price of 385 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Already owning an Epi Les Paul and the amps/effects mentioned above, my major problem with the LP is its inability to produce a ringing clean sound or a slightly-overdriven but discernible type of rhythm chording (like a lot of 70s Who, or U2 for two examples). It's also useless for impersonating an acoustic. The choices were mainly a Strat or Tele of some kind, and Strats just don't do it for me and I don't need a whammy bar. Among Teles, there are the traditional two-single-coil designs and some Keith Richards-type neck-humbucker types, which interest(ed) me. But the Deluxe Nashville seemed to off the most tonal versatility while remaining a Tele -- and the best value. At under $400 this thing is a steal (the US version with better woods and electronics is three times the price). Would certainly get it again.
Post Date:12/07/1998

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