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electric amps
Review for: Line 6 AX2
Purchase price of 849 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've been playing about 6 years. I have owned Mesa, Marshall, Fender, Red Bear, and other Line 6 amps, and I've finally settled on the AX2. If it were stolen, I'd cry like a wee baby. When I bought it, money wasn't really an object, and I compared many, many amps, rack preamps, etc. with the AX2 (Johnson's Millenium 250, which sucks horribly, BTW, was in there). The ONLY combination that made the decision difficult was the Mesa Triaxis/2:90 setup, but that is a little too much of a pain in the ass for my liking (and nearly $2000 more expensive)... :) No, it's not a perfect replacement for a roomful of tube amps, but my ears, and DEFINITELY my back, are frequently telling me otherwise!
Reviewer: David Dixon
Post Date:11/28/1999

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