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electric amps
Review for: Fender Stage 112SE
Purchase price of 430 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I have been playing off and on for about 8 years. I own a Seagull acoustic which I also play through this amp - and it sounds good. If this amp were lost or stolen and I could get the same deal on this amp again, I'd buy it. If not, I'd opt for a smaller, lighter, less powerful amp since I don't gig, yet. Once I start gigging, I expect that the power, size, and presence of this amp will remove any ideas of me getting a "smaller" amp. The grades on this review are higher than the grades on my original review. I am surprised by this because I thought once the newness wore off, I'd find all the things I did not like about the amp. As it turns out, I like the amp even more now.
Reviewer: Greg
Post Date:09/14/1998

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