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electric amps
Review for: Fender Roc Pro 1000 Combo
Purchase price of 450.00 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing off and on for 20 years now. I have the abovementioned Tele (my only electric for a while now), a Martin Shennandoah D2832 and an Epiphone AJ40TLC. I run the Tele and the acoustics thru my electric stage setup. Haven't tried the Martin or the Epi thru the new amp yet. I bought the Fender to replace a 15year old Yamaha G20-110 III that just up and died on me last month. It was a choice between the RocPro, a Princeton 65, Marshall VS65, Trademark60 and Roland BC-60. I couldn't find a BC-60 in central Florida, the one Trademark60 Mars had was blowing fuses, and the Marshall's lead channel wasn't as flexible as the Fender's. I actually bought and returned the Princeton - it's an amazingly tubelike sound for little silicon chips, but I just wasn't happy with it in my rig. I like the amp. It's solidly-built, way louder than I'll ever need, clean and liquid like Fenders are supposed to be, but with plenty of crunch and bite in the lead channel. I actually like the dark, deep character of the distortion. Too many modern amps sound like a flock of mosquitos. This one is much meatier than most. I'm not entirely sure I'd replace it if it were lost or stolen. That'd depend on if I could get a tryout of a working Tech21 or BluesCube first :-). I wish the lineout had an XLR connector instead of a 1/4TRS. I have to build an adapter cable to hook it to the PA or use a direct box to get to the XLR. I also wish the effects loop jacks and the lineout were on the front of the amp, so's I wouldn't have to scrounge around behind the box to hook stuff up every Sunday. The last thing I wish it had was a courtesy outlet for my effects loop's wallwart.
Reviewer: Bruce H. McIntosh
Post Date:09/23/1999

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