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Review for: Fender Princeton Reverb
Purchase price of 300.00 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:The overall rating is two thumbs up! See, the guy wanted $350.00 to start when I looked at it. I was tight on money and already had a 1976 Deluxe Reverb and decided after trying it that maybe I should not spend the money because I already have a DR. I told him that I won't get it because I have the DR already then he wanted to tempt me to buy it by asking me to make an offer. I said $300.00 and he said I could have it for that much. I decided to get it since $300.00 is reasonable. In stores you see Silver Face PRs going for about $450.00 and the Black Face models for about $550.00. I figured that if I was to spend $300.00 on a new Fender amp I'd probably only be able to get a Blues Junior and truthfully I feel that the Princeton Reverbs sound better than these Blues Juniors that Fender makes now. I'd rather spend $300.00 on a Princeton Reverb on a new Fender any day. Believe me, Fender amps in the past were so good they are creating serious competition for the new Fender amps. A lot of people like to kknock the Fender Silver Face era amps but truthfully, they are awesome. The SF era amps in my opinion are better than the new Fender amps. Not only do the old ones sound better but they are made better. The old Fender's had point to point wiring but the new ones have some PC board or something in them. The old models have better quality. This amp sounds way better than any Pro Junior or Blues Junior. Basically I'm impressed.
Reviewer: James
Post Date:05/02/1998

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