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Review for: Squier Musicmaster Bass
Purchase price of N/A used
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I have tried to point out every problem I have fond with the instrument which hd not been already addressed in order to better inform a future buyer. In doing so I have not gone into all the good things about it such as its easy playing neck or its unique tone( not exactly like other basses and very costomisable as it reacts strongly to different string sets)also its good looks its great value (especialy if yu buy a good used one like I did) and the fact that it is just plain fun to play ( with that I couldnt agree more with the other reviews).So If you are a guitar player thinking about starting to explore the bass or just need something to do your demos at home, or if you are a bass player looking for a small and practical backup, or if you just want a sound that is different than a conventinal long scale bass and like the way this one plays than this might be right for you. But rember go to your local music store and try one out first wait a week and go again to see if you still think the same of it. This is not you normal bass as none of the squiere vista series ar you normal instrument but it is very nice in its own unique way and that might be just what you are looking for I know I was. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Ismael Santos
Post Date:11/11/1998

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