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acoustic amps
Review for: Fender Acoustasonic Junior
Purchase price of 369 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:This is Fender's very first entry into the acoustic guitar amplification market, and they're definitely bound to make a splash. Fender has obviously done a lot of research of the other acoustic amp offerings before developing this beautiful amp. It is feature-rich and easily rivals amps costing 2-3 times it's price. Other amps I compared it to were: Trace Acoustic, Crate, Peavey, Marshall, Roland, AR, and Fishman. The Fender had tons of features and great sound. Plus, the list price is only $549 which makes it affordable for just about everyone. If you play acoustic guitar, I highly suggest this amp.
BTW: Don't e-mail me and ask me where I got the amp for $369. I'll answer ANY question EXCEPT that one! $369 is not even that great of a discount.
Reviewer: Cypher
Post Date:12/19/1997

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